Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Bloody Good Time

This blog is all about BLOOD. What with Halloween around the corner and the popularity of TV shows like Dexter and True Blood. I thought it would make a pretty fitting debut blog.


Hello everyone! I have always wanted to do a themed blog, daily I read blogs from other Etsy memebers featuring all the lovely handmade items and I thought "how cool that would be to do one of those". I however did not want to do one like everyone's elses so I had to come up with a good idea. It was one day around Halloween time when I realized that I haven't really seen one with a "darker" or "horror/gothic" theme, at least not very often. That's when I came up with the idea of this blog. So here it is, Handmade Horrors, and it won't be horrifying at all, I promise! Each time I post a new blog I will feature items that match a cool darker/horror/gothic related theme. I will only post the best of the best here, this will in a way be a blog for the couture side of the dark subculture. Hope you all enjoy! If you have a Etsy store and would like to be featured in one of my blogs please feel free to send a link to your work my way to